Travel Insurance

Should I buy "travel insurance"?

Many customers ask why they should purchase travel insurance. It is important to realized that booking travel is a contractual relationship between you and the travel supplier. They have typically agreed to provide a service for which you are paying. This contract typically has penalties related to cancellations or changes.

Unfortunately, regardless of your situation, most suppliers will not relieve you of your obligations or penalties. Insurance can be your protection from these penalties, as well as an additional form of defense if the supplier fails to deliver on their obligations.

In addition to covering your travel, some policies provide medical coverage. While this may seem unnecessary because you already have health insurance, it is important to understand your coverage. Does your health insurance cover the roughly $10,000 cost of being airlifted off a cruise ship in an emergency? Some health insurance plans do not cover out of network doctors, or provide coverage outside of the country. It is important to understand what coverage you have and if additional medical coverage is required.

Unfortunately, bad things happen - illness, injury, jury duty, a loss in the family. Don't let them cause financial problems in additional to causing changes to or cancellation of your vacation. This is what travel insurance is offered for and why Constitution Travel highly recommends you purchase coverage for your travels.

Deciding not to get insurance and accepting the risk is a personal decision. Many suppliers will require you to sign a waiver acknowledging you understand and accept that risk.

Constitution Travel works with multiple providers of travel insurance for its customers. In addition, many of our tour operators also sell coverage as an option to their tour plans. Please note, each provider has different policies which cover different options. There are often options for reasons for cancellation, trip delay, lost or damaged baggage, and other options. Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance.